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Demo Reel & Monologue

Actor Reel

Welcome to my demo reel!


For more pictures, projects and resume details visit me at

Or follow me on social media: FB: Instagram: @kristabarzso


Projects in order of appearance:

“A Great Guy” -Interiority Entertainment/ Adrian Patterson

"Hornets" -Hornets Productions/ Tim Biemann

“Signing Off” -Interiority Entertainment/Kalen Artinian

“The Light Behind the Wall” -Mohawk College/Chris Raybould

“Grey Zone” -SB Productions/Lex Darian


Headshots by Youssef Abdelmalek

All footage is copyrighted to the production companies.

Dramatic Monologue


Krista Barzso as Jodi in a dramatic monologue from the play Monster, written by Duncan MacMillan.

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